Mobile App

The people of the Potters House Church are now able to keep up with the latest details in the church’s life via a really amazing mobile app for your Apple or Android smart phone. You are able to find it in the app store for your phone by searching “My Church by Elexio.”

Tell all of your friends.  At this point, only a few congregations in Kentucky utilize this type of technology.  It is free, outward focused and puts the life of the church right at your fingertips.

Just imagine being able to share a sermon from the church’s youtube account directly to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed directly from your smart phone app. You will be able to check out the church calendar for specific dates and times of events.  You will be able to invite your buddies to anything the church is doing with links directly from the app.

In fact, we think people all over Livingston County will be wanting this app.

Download the app today!